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Information about General Dentistry

Teeth experience daily wear and tear regardless of how well one might take care of them. This wear and tear can be repaired easily by a semiannual visit to a trusted dental care provider. Our skilled professionals provide both the customer specific and best possible care you desire – specializing in all the major dentistry services available.

General dentists are the primary dental care providers for all patients. The work in this field includes everything from gum care and oral exams to root canals, fillings, crowns and more. Our Professionals can treat you and your entire family whether you are in need of regular cleanings or specialized care. They will also keep track of your oral health which is crucial when considering overall health. Our general dentists are responsible for the diagnosis, treatment and overall management of the services needed to meet your oral health needs. Our team consists of specialists in all fields of dentistry and will guarantee that you get the care you deserve.

General Dentistry Services Include:

  1. Preventative Dental Care
  2. X-rays
  3. Fillings
  4. Restorative Care
  5. Sealants & Fluorides
  6. Implant Restorations

Preventative Dental Care:

Preventative dental care consists of all essential treatments that act to maintain the best possible oral health. Routine visits to a dentist will help to keep you up to date on your oral health. Not only will these visits benefit your overall health, but our dentists will provide valuable information on how to self-maintain preventative care at all times. All patients should see their dentist at least twice a year to perform a complete dental exam that will include fluoride treatments, diagnostic x-rays, routine teeth cleanings and an oral cancer screening. At times, when dental problems become too complex, our general dentists will work with our team of specialists to certify that all aspects of dental care have been covered.

Preventative care is important for everyone. It is especially important for young children to make habit at an early age because these practices will help to maintain clean, strong and healthy white teeth.


Dental X-rays are used to take diagnostic images of your teeth and jaw bones and are used by a dentist in order to evaluate your oral health status. These X-rays utilize low levels of radiation which make them safe for children and adults. They will help your dentist to identify any problems, such as tooth decay, cavities and impacted teeth. Taking an X-ray at a dentist appointment may seem complex, but they are very helpful and just as important as a regular teeth cleaning.


Fillings are used to seal a small hole that has developed inside a tooth. Fillings can help treat cavities or tooth decay and prevent further infection from spreading. There are two main types of fillings; metal fillings and tooth colored fillings. Each type may provide certain advantages and disadvantages in different situations. There are options with the choice of a metal filling, amalgam metal or cast gold metal. Tooth colored fillings, on the other hand, have three options to choose from which are composite, porcelain or glass ionomer.

Types of Fillings:

  • Amalgam: A classic silver filling that is made of mercury, silver, tin and copper. The combination of this metals creates a strong, stable and safe filling.
  • Cast Gold: A gold filling that combines with other metals to provide a long lasting, strong filling.
  • Composite: For those who want an invisible filling. Consists of a mixture of plastic and glass that bonds to the tooth itself.
  • Porcelain: Strong, high-tech dental ceramics that are more lifelike than other fillings and don't stain as composites can.
  • Glass ionomer: Made from an acrylic and glass powder mix that acts as a translucent filling that release small amounts of fluoride to prevent tooth decay.

Restorative Care:

Restorative dentistry is used to fix structural problems associated with your teeth, such as damaged or missing teeth. Dentures, crowns, bridges, onlays, inlays, and also dental implants are often used by restorative dentists to restore your teeth and their proper functionality. Once restored, cosmetic dentistry comes into play to enhance your smile and help boost your overall confidence and appearance.

Sealants & Fluorides:

Sealants and Fluorides are used to help prevent decay from occurring on your permanent teeth. This is accomplished by placing an invisible plastic resin over the biting surface of the tooth to coat and seal it. Once sealed, the involved teeth are far less likely to develop a cavity or other forms of decay.

Implant Restorations:

There are numerous ways for dental implants to decay over time. Whether it be from poor oral hygiene, excessive grinding of teeth, or otherwise, a dental implant restoration may be the right choice for you. With this procedure, we can fix a single or multiple tooth implant crown or bridge that was used to replace a missing tooth or teeth - leaving your teeth rejuvenated and providing you with the confident smile you deserve.



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